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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> alan: good evening, everyone. the up rest in egypt continues, and support for the antigovernment protesters continues to swell in the u.s. today there were more shines egyptian government is beginning to crumble. here's more from cairo. >> reporter: in the square today, the violence subside but not the anger. >> nothing changes. >> wounds unhealed after recent clashes. renewed demand for change. soldiers tried to clear away
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barricades. but the protesters resisted, at one point linking arms. a shoving match broke out and the egyptian general was sent to roapt with -- reason with them. this is blocking traffic. there were signs the got of president mubarak was eroding. the leadership of the ruling party resigned, including mubarak's son, gamal. mubarak has vowed to stay until elections in september. though the obama administration pressures him. >> the status quo is simply not sustainable. >> we have to send a consistent message supporting the orderly transition that has begun, usualing -- urging that it be transspain, sincere, and concrete. >> adding to tensions, an
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explosioned a a gas terminal. it was said to be an accident, the some suspected sack -- sabotage. protests face a 13th day, promising to wait out a mubarak government. >> alan: the u.s. support is beginning to swell. >> chant chant -- [chanting] >> alan: demonstratorred gathered before they set if along market street. speakers called on the crowd to stand in solidarity with people in egypt and tunisia and other governments in the mideast. similar demonstrations took place in new york, washington, dc, detroit, and los angeles. >> we're here to support their legitimate struggle against an
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oppressive recommending -- regime. >> alan: the protesters want the u.s. government to stop giving militaried a to -- aid to egypt and pressure mubarak to step down. >> a lawyer representing three uc berkeley grads for spying in iran is saying he is ready for the start of the trial but is unsure if sarah shourd will be there. she has returned to the united states. she received orders to return to iran to stand trial alongside her fiancee shaken shane bauer. if she doesn't return she could be tried in absent ya. they were hawking door -- hiking in northern iran. >> we have developing news on the peninsula. highway 1eus shut done -- highway 1 is shut down after a
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car drove off the cliff. the car plunged about 50 to 60 feet down a cliff. one person was in the car and was ejected, landing another 50 feet below. that person was airlifted to the hospital, still alive. beyond that, the victim's cips unknown. crews are in the process of towing the car up to the roadway. state regulators released pacific gas & electric audits showing no connection to the pipeline explosion. the documents cover a period from 2004 to last jeer deal with the area from san francisco so toe odd. the report had no problems specific to san bruin -- bruno. well, there were some very
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angry and frustrated san francisco giants fans at at&t park today. thousands had been lined up to view the world series trophy and meet their favorite players, but not everyone got in. lisa amin gulezian is live at at&t park where things got nasty. >> lisa: people were definitely frustrated. fans who arrived early got in problem. those who arrived later were stopped because the stadium hit capacity. the excitement started early outside at&t park. >> got here at 1:45 this morning. >> i love the giants. i don't know what else to say. i leave it, breathe it, bleed it. giants all day his his -- >> lisa: for a precious four hours fans could get close to players. it didn't take long to fill the stadium, which hold 40,000 people all the big names were
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here. tim lincecum, and andres torres. >> today is a very special day, and fanfest and that's what we are trying to build. >> historic event. >> lisa: the giants fan base has exploded since becoming world series champs in 2010. and whale fanfest organizers expected to fill the stadium, they didn't thicket would happen this fast. an hour after the gates open, this posting went up on the giants pain. >> for fans who haven't left yet, stay home. >> we held people the gates and now we're metering people to come in to make sure everybody's experience is safe. >> lisa: after waiting hours, this is what happened at the second street gate. [chanting] [shouting]
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>> lisa: the anger didn't disappear after some groups got in, but others didn't. many fans decided to leave, saying this was not the giants experience they wanted. >> pouring thousands of dollars into this organization with season tickets, food, and my heart, i don't get into fanfest because it was totally unorganized? >> if it's really fan appreciation day they should have planned a lot more. >> lisa: giants reps told me a while ago that every fan who waited outside was eventually allowed in. as a result, fanfest did go a little long, but only by about 30 minutes. live in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: unfortunate for many of those fans. there's still more ahead, including a march against violent crime in a south san francisco neighborhood. what these neighbors are asking tomorrow. another legal setback for oakland in its push to license and tax pot farms. >> look at this live shot.
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lots of sunshine, and we hit and broke actually many record highs around the bay area. i'll have the deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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♪ cadillac cts sports sedan. top-tier status right now get this attractive lease offer on a cadillac cts sport sedan. ♪ cadillac. the new standard of the world. >> alan: residents held a peace march today through the troubled old town. south city police chief chinad the marchers. they walked to the site of a december 22nd shooting that left three young men dead and three juveniles wounded. last week the city council approved spending $400,000 to hire four new officers and
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launched plans to improve conditions in old town. >> the city was rocked by these killings, and we mourn, along with the families and this neighborhood. we are embarking on what i believe is going to be a long-term effort to create a safer neighborhood, and improve the quality of life. >> alan: organizers of today's day of healing event are pushing for a community center and mentoring programs for young people. well, another legal blow to oakland's plan to license and tax large scale pot farms. the city attorney told the city council he is withdrawing his league advice, and it needs to hire their own attorney for pot issues. in a letter sent to the council and the mayor, he agreed to turn over all the related files his office has amaced. out tuesday the city council agreed to revise its proposal
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because pot farms could be illegal and might invite federal prosecution. four weeks after she was shot in the head, the astronaut husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords begins preparing to go into space. why he believes she will be in shape to watch his launch. and how long are we going to have this great weather? frances dinglasan coming up to tell us about
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>> alan: four weeks ago today congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot in in the head. her recovery has been remarkable, and now her astronaut husband has made the tough decision to go back into space. bob woodruff has the story from the johnson spacer in in houston. >> reporter: he has ban the steadfast rock by giffords'
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side. >> my first priority is her. she needs me to be by her side. >> reporter: now, mark kelly resumes another mission. he hopes that she will be the one by his side. >> i have every intention she will be there for the lunch. >> reporter: kelly announced he we fly again, the commander of endid he ever, -- endeavour. >> i know her very intel she would be very comfortable with the decision i made. >> reporter: she is still recovering at this rehabilitation center? houston, where kelly is with her every day. he would not answer questions about her condition, except to say this. >> where she is today is better than 99% of the other people they see with this kind of injury. >> reporter: it's been a difficult decision. he will be away from his wife for at least 14 days. leaving giffords' mother responsible for all decisions regarding her care. >> i feel comfortable i made the right decision, not only for me
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but for my crew members, for my family and for my wife. >> reporter: wheel while he trains, she will be in an intense routine. >> her days are filled with speech, occupational and physical therapy. >> reporter: there's the question how focused kelly will be in spacious but nasa is convinced he is the man for she job. >> we're happy he is back and ready to start training. >> reporter: kelly will we be able to keep in touch through e-mails and the occasional phone call. >> his friends and family agree he made the right decision, and now he doesn't want to talk about the details about her decision. now he needs to son -- concentrate on the flight. >> alan: frances dinglasan in
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for leigh glaser. what a day. france -- >> frances: oh, my gosh, it was gorgeous. it was warm out there. we broke records in at least 13 cities, possibly more. so, here's a live shot. clear skies, mainly, everywhere around the bay area, and you can expect another day of that tomorrow. let me show you where we broke record. santa rosa, 80 degrees. this is the beginning of february and it's almost springlike. even better than summerlike weather. that breck a -- broke a record set in 2001. and in san francisco, we broke a record that is almost 100 years old. we have more of those -- at least one more day to come. just like today. here are your current temperatures right now. still a lot of 70s all around the bay area. with the exception of half moon bay of 64, and check out the santa cruz area.
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75. 72346 -- 76 in watsonville, so compared to yesterday, we jumped up. novato went up 16 degrees since yet. so you get the picture. record highs today, and we'll see them tomorrow, burt it -- but it will be windy in the upper elevations, and then it's dry all week. a little chance of rain next weekend but not until saturday. here's a wind advisory in effect until tomorrow morning. winds from the north, 25-30-miles-an-hour in the higher elevations, north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains. gusts up to 45-miles-an-hour so be careful if you're driving like in a minivan or suv. so we have this area of high pressure. you notice this clockwise flow. we get the downsloping wind which gives us the warmer temperatures and sunny skies. overnight lows very mild. 50s around the bay, and upper
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40s in napa, vallejo, mid-40s in fairfield. so very mild when you wake up tomorrow morning. then, a lot of sunshine again, with, again, more record warmth again. might have to increase these temperatures a bit. so low 70s in the south bay, to mid-70s. low 70s along the peninsula. a great day to head to the beach. and in the downtown san francisco, you may see low 70s again. look for 70s as well in the north bay. so, lots of sunshine. more 70s in the east bay. possibly another record in oakland. mid-to-low 70s in the interior valleys through danville, dublin, pleasantton. so t-shirts and shorts weather. and even in santa cruz and monterey. if you want to good to the beach, it's really a great day to do it. and we're going to keep it dry.
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breezy mid-week, temperatures will dip down a bit. maybe sunday we'll see rain but saturday looks pretty dry. >> alan: on to shu. if you didn't get into the fan test today, we're going -- fanfest today, we'll bring you more. >> mike: world series fever was back in san francisco. giants held their fanfest at at&t park. the fever was so high, peopleeee
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>> mike: the great thing about being a world champion is the
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feeling never goes away. that was evident at giants fanfest at at&t park. >> go giants. world champs! >> mike: for this lucky fans, they got a chance to take pictures of the world series trophy, get photos. >> the atmosphere is perfect. we're all here celebrating together, fans and players. >> it's exciting. getting all the fans back. our first time really being with them since the parade. >> it happened so quick, and to be able to see the excitement they have still, and we're still excited. so this is good. it's fun. >> mike: professional sports it's rare when an athlete plays his entire career with one teen. joe thon southern started with boston, and today was his first time back to beantown. first period, sharks on the power play. couture weaving through traffic.
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1-0 sharks. now in the third. still 1-0. bruins looking to equalize. but niemi, under a minute to play. but niemi, one of his 26 saves. set gucci seals the win with the old empty netter. the sharks win. stanford men hosting arizona state. trying to stay above .500. james jeremy green, had 17. stanford led by four at the break. second half. off the miss. dwight powell, the two-hand jam. cardinal up 10 but the sun devils rally. arizona state within five but stanford would hold on. the two and the foul. a career high 15 stanford improves to 5-6 in pac-10 play.
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also today, third ranked stanford women remain undefeated in pac-10 play, dedefeating arizona. >> the pga tour in phoenix with frost -- that's right -- frost delayed the first two round. steeler fever getting the desert on the eve of the super bowl. the par-3 16th in front of the roundess -- rowdiest fans in golf. and into the cup. the first ace in nine years on 16. lyle, 5-under for the tournament. phil mickelson on 16. his tee shot well to the right of the pin. the crowd letting him have it. but phil can quiet his critics in a hurry. 32-footer for birdie. 65 for left y. 10-under, four off the lead. everybody chasing tommy "two gloves" gainey. and rickie fowler with a 9-under
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62 today is also four back. >> seven new members inducted into the nfl hall of fame. one of them a 49er chance, that means i have a chance. >> alan: coming up, a dragon sighting on the peninsula. >> a look at today's lunar celebration to welcome in the celebration to welcome in the year of shift your weigh left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00. california's democratic governor pays tribute to a former republican predecessor, and facebook appears to be eyeing a new corporate headquarters in this complex is men low park is believed to be under consideration. join us at 6:00. and abc-7 is proud to help celebrate the new lunar new year in redwood city today. today's celebration took place at courthouse square. the celebration included dancers, martial arts demonstrations and a lot of good food. kris -- the rabbit is a realist who knows how to comfort and listen to others and is most suited for maim -- marriage with the sheep or the. a -- or


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